Let’s get started

Writing online is a way to keep your ideas and resources together, and to share them with others. Writing for a public readership has the potential to connect any of us to bigger conversations, and to build networks.

Writing in public is one of the most practical and challenging ways to get better at writing.

But there are some practical limitations to a very large community all maintaining individual blogs that aren’t connected to each other.

So we thought that we would try something new, and create a central WordPress blog. It’s also a place that we can put some resources and discussions about using WordPress effectively, and you can share ideas with us.

Bear with us: the site is very plain, but you can watch it grow.

One of the things that we want to do here is reblog some of the posts we’ve been drawn to each week in the Media Audience Place blogging community. This is also going to be the way that we support UOW students in Wollongong and Malaysia to find each other.

We’re also thinking of ways of linking from here to all your blogs, but this kind of syndication is really quite tricky to scale up. So, bear with us #2.

If you have some suggestions or questions feel free to ask us in the comments, and together we’ll make this useful. And perhaps a bit less plain!

Kate and Sue


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