Back in 60’s

An interesting perspective on television in China to contrast with the Australian memory narratives of most students.

Blog for BCM310

This week my blog post about the television to the family home. I need have a conversation with someone older than you about their memories of television in their childhood, so I talk with my father.  From a very young age, my father always talk me many interesting store. This conversation with my father, and I was not disappointed. When he was a child,China was a very poor country in the 60’s without enough resources.  When the other countries seems television is a very normal thing, my father doesn’t even know what is television. At the time, every community would have a projector and a big screen and play Chinese film at every Friday night. This is the happiest thing what I father thought at when he was a child. At the same time, Chinese films market was very poor therefore there are not many choices for people to watch. However, my…

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