Week 9 Weekly Reads

During Week 9 we looked at different levels of media regulation. We thought about media space and place in relation to governance, legislation and citizenship. We looked at media industry censorship and regulation as a business strategy. We discussed our instinct for private and public self-regulation and the persistent desire to outsmart regulatory frameworks.


Considering that this is a topic that might seem a bit dry on the surface, your writing was inspired and the posts were easy to read. You provided a melange of regulation related issues:

Sam brought to light interesting aspects of Youtube music use and copyright infringement. He offered good insight and a lovely example of space being controlled that perhaps shouldn’t be,

Breanna explored the problems associated with being geoblocked from video content in Australia and music use,

Matt discussed the rating and regulation of games. He neatly integrated valuable class discussion points made by a peer about game ratings and sales,

Mia challenged the fairness and accuracy of Youtube’s de-monetizing policies and technologies,

Isabelle picked through the way piracy alters where and how we watch films,

Ellenie saw piracy as a problem and thought about ways to deal with it,

Jade took a personal approach to looking at media use and regulation in the family and in public places,

Chelsea also looked at media regulation that happens in our everyday lives. She included some really relevant references to augment the topic,

And Claudia studied the complicated nature of completing primary and high school tasks when greeted with closed digital doors.

Reading through the posts this week I’ve seen yet another lift in the standard of much of your writing. There has been a notable overall improvement in the quality of your sites as well. Thanks for your efforts to step it up. I’ve learned a great deal from you.



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