Week 1 2017 The Story Continues


‘Hubble Sees a Youthful Cluster’ NASA Goddard Space Flight Photostream 24 August 2015

If you are new to Media Audience Place (MAP), welcome to BCM241, the freshly minted version of what once was BCM240. This site is to support your learning in this subject and to share your stories.

In MAP we focus on qualitative research skills in relation to ideas about the experience of media users and how that is shaped by the places that media use is happening. We look at what ethnography can add to data-driven, quantitative research.

Increasingly, we have more access to quantitative data than ever before. Layer upon layer, map upon map, code upon code, there are seemingly more data points than stars. Panoptic and microscopic though it might be, this kind of data has limitations.

The way we go beyond audience measurement and beneath statistically formulated discourses, projections and assumptions is via media ethnography. As media professionals, communicators, researchers and as humans, ethnography enables us to seek resonance, to understand ourselves and others better.

There are millions of narratives and histories to be gathered that give media users a more unique, readable identity and that is what we will be exploring here. I’m looking forward to reading, sharing, imagining and learning from your stories. Your own distinct work will color the prismatic collective that is MAPhub and add to the simultaneity of stories so far.


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