Week 1 – Floating Content

Why add to the tumult of the world? – Melissa Pritchard, A Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, and Write Why are you being asked to add more drops into a vast sea of content in the hopes of making a splash? What can you add when one could drown in what already exists? The thought […]

Collaborative street photography

This semester, we’ve been working through principles derived from Luke Eric Lassiter’s Guide to Collaborative Ethnography as a way of working respectfully and carefully with family members. Now we’re looking at how to take the principles of collaboration into relations with strangers in public, for the purposes of observing, photographing or recording people who are using screens (televisions or […]

How do you cite sources in your blog?

When you’re writing traditional academic essays, there are expectations about traditional academic referencing for the sources you’ve used. Should you do the same in a blog? Well, like most things, it depends. And blogging is a useful opportunity to pull back from the rules and have a look at the principles. The reason for linking to other sources […]

Let’s get started

Writing online is a way to keep your ideas and resources together, and to share them with others. Writing for a public readership has the potential to connect any of us to bigger conversations, and to build networks. Writing in public is one of the most practical and challenging ways to get better at writing. […]