Weekly Reads – Week 3

Collaborative ethnography involves more than simply working together to extract and disseminate information. It includes co-authoring, co-creating, sharing and keeping what is mutually valuable. You were invited to dive deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to research. Many of you used Luke Eric Lassiter’s Guide to springboard into understanding the practice better. You also located […]

Week 1 – Floating Content

Why add to the tumult of the world? – Melissa Pritchard, A Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, and Write Why are you being asked to add more drops into a vast sea of content in the hopes of making a splash? What can you add when one could drown in what already exists? The thought […]

Strange Spaces

I don’t generally blog twice a day, but I’ve just seen Travis Holland’s blog on this week’s topic, in which he raises the idea of cinemas as strange places, perhaps unintentionally. As he says in his comments — he really just meant places where strangers meet. But he’s got me thinking about something fundamentally strange about all places, […]

Week 2 Monday Reads

This week’s blog browsing has been a treat–the memories of television shared with us are such a privilege to read. I’ve been really struck by the way that television history is regionally specific, especially in reading stories about people who came to the Illawarra from somewhere else, or who grew up watching television in another country. First up, […]

At the movies…

(Or, more precisely, “getting to the movies”, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to drag David and Margaret into it!) This week, students in BCM240 are asked to consider their experiences of going to the movies and think about things they might not have thought about before. Renee Middlemost gave a good primer of the task in […]